“Without question, Megan Birdsall is one of the best new vocalists to come along in years.  Megan’s voice and musical interpretation will carry her to the very top.”Tim Flores, 88.7 FM KSPC Claremont, CA

“Kansas City native and songbird Megan Birdsall is one of the many young ladies of jazz with a gift for song…Possessing a sexy velvet voice, this jazz bird sings her heart out…”Edward Blanco, [read full review]

“Megan Birdsall is a talented young vocalist, with a wisdom that is well beyond her age.”Les French, WMEB-Orono, ME

“Is You Is… This first track on her CD is an extraordinary performance.  I heard this from a Dutch Jazz band and with a very different tempo, therefore, this is so surprising, but skillful and refreshing in its style.  Megan is a vocalist with great talent and great variation in style.  She can capture the listener with every track on this very nice CD.  The instrumental support from great musicians, amongst them, Mike Melvoin, makes a great balance between the talents of Megan and the musicians, and of course the choice of tracks makes this CD a pleasure to listen to.”Joost Van Steen, Jazz & Blues Tour Radio, The Netherlands

“You can drown in the liquid mickey that is her voice on something like “When Your Lover Has Gone.” The woman can knock you out. “Save That Time” shows the inner beauty of a singer. Simple piano and voice. A marriage of two sounds is as romantic as you can get … If you’re into the club or Broadway scene, Megan combines the two quite nicely. Strong voice for a little lady. You wouldn’t expect such boldness would come out of that petite frame!Ben Ohmart, Soopah Music

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