“On Megan Birdsall’s Track 13 , the silk-laced feminine vocals glide as gracefully as a warm liqueur over ice.” – Wayne Goins, Jazz Ambassadors Magazine


Bobby Watson – Sax, Jason Goudeau – Trombone, Greg Richter – Drums, Vibraphone, Piano, Bob Bowman – Bass, Todd Strait – Drums, Tim Cambron – Drums, Rod Fleeman – Guitar, Jack Lightfoot – Trumpet, Jill Atherton – Sax

Arranged and produced by Greg Richter
Associate producer: Megan Birdsall
Executive producer: Summerfield Limited

1. Blackbird [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_01.mp3|titles=Blackbird]
2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_02.mp3|titles=Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)]
3. Dear Prudence [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_03.mp3|titles=Dear Prudence]
4. Autumn’s Song [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_04.mp3|titles=Autumn’s Song]
5. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_05.mp3|titles=Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most]
6. Love For Sale [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_06.mp3|titles=Love For Sale]
7. Lover Man [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_07.mp3|titles=Lover Man]
8. Help Me [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_08.mp3|titles=Help Me]
9. That Song About the Midway [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_09.mp3|titles=That Song About the Midway]
10. Miss Otis Regrets (She’s Unable to Lunch Today) [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_10.mp3|titles=Miss Otis Regrets (She’s Unable to Lunch Today)]
11. Mean to Me [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_11.mp3|titles=Mean to Me]
12. The End [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_12.mp3|titles=The End]
13. Track 13 (Tell Me Something Good) [audio:http://www.meganbirdsall.com/samples/track13_13.mp3|titles=Track 13 (Tell Me Something Good)]

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