Summer music

I am very excited to be heading into a fabulous summer that’s full of music! I am singing at The Broadway Jazz Club every month and also performing at The Raphael Hotel, a new spot for this bird. I am happy to announce that I will be releasing two records this summer-winter. One with my […]

this week

We have had a very great time this weekend lending our musicianship to the opening of The Broadway Jazz Club!


fast fast We are moving towards this season with fevered abandon! I am feeling excited and happy about the 2014 year. I know we aren’t there yet but its going so fast and Im going to welcome it with open arms. 2012 and 13 have been interesting years and I have learned my way around […]

Things are lookin good in both hoods

I am happy to report that through great storms there is always sunshine. I am a personal representation of this as I wade through the oceans of turmoil with new experiences ushering me towards land. I have been writing every moment I am not in a doctors office and I am finding solace in these […]

July 28th this world of music!

This is an amazing and crazy summer of singing all over the country and then back to Nashville and then to Kansas City. Tons of shows, lots of support, lots of new songwriting, lots of jazz, guitars and Cadillacs. Heh heh! I have been nominated for best jazz solo artist in Kansas City this year […]

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