About Megan

Megan Birdsall has been a featured songstress in the Kansas City community since she was 16 and she dedicates her accomplishments to the trial by fire training she received at home and by the Jazz musicians in this city.

Her first album, Track 13, was recorded at Soundtrek Studios in 2005 and released in 2006. This record featured original material and was an amalgam of jazz, blues, and pop, featuring songs by artists as diverse as Cole Porter, Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, and Stevie Wonder.

In late 2007 she began preparing her second record, Little Jazz Bird, a record that would be dedicated to the exploration of the traditional jazz standard. National jazz luminaries Mike Melvoin, Bob Bowman, Mike Metheny, and Paul Smith signed on to perform. Within the first month of recording she was diagnosed with a degenerative arthritic jaw condition that required maxio-facial reconstructive surgery of a very specialized kind to move her jaw off of her windpipe, which had become severely labored, leaving her only four millimeters of airspace. This life-saving surgery left her with no guarantees that she would ever sing professionally again.

In the next six months, Megan finished Little Jazz Bird, and through the support of the Jazz community and a city that stood behind her, she was able to release the album a month before she underwent the surgery in early 2008.

During her arduous 3 year recovery Megan began musing and writing new songs. It was an intense journey filled with poetic music fumbling down to paper and recordings through wires.  She was determined to soar through the scars of surgery, and eventually Megan slowly but joyously returned to work as a jazz singer.  She released the album MBird: “Over the Bones” in 2010 and helmed a national songwriter tour that took her from coast to coast and 23 cities in April-June of 2010.  This was the beginning of a new sound unique to Megan that could only come from a jazz singer into an acoustic indy-folk album. Megan returned to the live stage in Kansas City as a featured artist at The Corporate Woods Jazz Festival and was gifted with the news that Little Jazz Bird had charted at number 4 for two weeks in the CMJ charts and would go on to hold the top ten for 8 weeks. Little Jazz Bird is played all over the world and has been a very wonderful and successful record for Megan and it even earned her the nickname Birdy. Megan is an invested member of The KC Sound Collective which is a group of musicians dedicated the building of relationships, music, education and creative collaborations of artists of all kinds. In 2009/2010 Megan won the Pitch “Best Kansas City Jazz Musician” award and was honored to be acknowledged by her friends and fans. Megan was asked to sing with Chaka Khan and also invited to perform at the opening of The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. She has been a supporter of The Blue Room and The Mutual Musicians Foundation often dropping in and hosting with friends. Megan has been featured on five records in the last six years and she currently in the process of three more to be released in 2012/2013.

Megan feels very blessed to be apart of this community of immensely gifted musicians and songwriters. Her passion to create comes not only by carrying forward the great jazz standards, but also by helping bridge traditions to other forms of musical expression, writing new songs and also bringing forth her personal style for music lovers of all kinds. Megan states that her loyalty and love of music in her heart is what saved her life and what will drive her in all genres for years to come.

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