Things are lookin good in both hoods

I am happy to report that through great storms there is always sunshine. I am a personal representation of this as I wade through the oceans of turmoil with new experiences ushering me towards land. I have been writing every moment I am not in a doctors office and I am finding solace in these songs. The standards that warm my heart and the original music that has become my record keeper teach me how to be brave which is good since I am going to be working my butt off in the next year. In October I am going to Los Angeles to create a new jazz record with the fabulous and long time jazz supporter Tim Flores of Playboy Jazz Radio and guitar legend John Chiodini. This is an amazing opportunity and a beautiful collaboration of standards and originals written by MBird and arranged by Chiodini guaranteed to bring a new voice to this Little Jazz Bird. I am honored and excited to be on this project and I will announce the release date as we close the project. The adventure continues for me as MBird embarks on hosting a video podcast and the recording of singles and two new music videos prepping everyone for the release of the full album Mercy Flight in 2012/13.

I’m very happy to report on the great things happening in my life but as some of you know there are more things swirling around me. I am sad to report that I am allergic to, and my body is rejecting, my prosthetic jaw. As some people recall in 2007/08 I was diagnosed with a rare disease that located itself in my jaw joint. The disease which still remains a mystery caused me to have a complete replacement done and it was a 2 year recovery process.
I was very lucky to be able to keep singing against all doctors expectations but I guess the journey isn’t over yet.
I am allergic to 5 of the metals in my face and they cause all sorts of problems in my body. My only option is to get control of my allergy to two of the metals Titamium and Polyethalin and then to head back to hands of medicine to give me another jaw. I’m basically in a repeat with a weird caveat involving getting control of an allergy no one really understands. I will undoubtedly be shooting these metals into my body in concentrate again and waiting until my body acquiesces or my brain explodes from overload. However I must point out that even though the thought of a repeat surgery is the worst thing I can imagine, the things I can’t imagine are what will happen if my body can’t get something in it that it isn’t rejecting. That is far worse than this situation. So friends my synopsis is this: I am going to keep singing and writing and getting better everyday. This stuff I am dealing with is messed up and sucks really hard but I am not giving up! I will reach out through storms, find that sunshine, eat it and then sing it out of my face to you. So anyway I just thought you should hear whats happening from me before you hear it from someone else, and if you are feeling sad or weird for me just re-read the beginning of this post and you’ll feel better. That’s what I do.
Thank you so much to all my fans, bandmates, fellow bloggers, and of course my family I need and love you all!
Come out and visit me and listen before Im on a healing vacation. Shout out to @KCJazzlark!
I’ll keep you all posted.
Love MBird

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  1. John Cole //

    Highly useful cheers, There’s no doubt that your trusty audience could very well want way more blog posts like that keep up the excellent content.

  2. Kaylyn W //

    Megan, I’m sorry to hear that you are having allergic reactions to your prosthetic. I popped on your website because I was curious about what you were up to music-wise (since I haven’t seen you in 2-3 years), and I’m sad to hear this.

    On another note, I hope you have a blast in L.A. this October!

  3. Lisa McCluer //

    Hello Megan,
    I was looking through the performance list at the Kauffman Center and found your link. My daughter, Chanelle, went to SMN and you were her choreographer for “Thoroughly Modern Millie”.
    Chanelle and I wanted to reach out and tell you that we are thinking of you and praying for you. So sorry to hear you are having to go through these immense challenges in your life. It sounds like you are facing them head on with lots of courage.
    We wish you the very best!
    Lisa and Chanelle

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