July 28th this world of music!

This is an amazing and crazy summer of singing all over the country and then back to Nashville and then to Kansas City. Tons of shows, lots of support, lots of new songwriting, lots of jazz, guitars and Cadillacs. Heh heh! I have been nominated for best jazz solo artist in Kansas City this year and I’m in awesome company. Kansas City has such terrific solo jazz artists, I’m not sure I could ever choose or even know how to make that distinction, but I feel really honored for being listed, none the less. In Nashville I am getting myself thrusted into the community and still getting settled. Being there half the time lends to feeling like I have only half a face. Plus, being on tour for 3 out of the 9 months I have had residency there probably adds to that feeling. However I am determined to find kindred souls and continue the songwriting work I have begun there. My production company has started work on several different projects this summer including drafting a video series for artists in development which is personally my most exciting twist. Of course the positive execution of this independent tour and the fostering of a possible European tour is hot on the discussion table. Personally I’d like to get another record out and another tour together within the next year and a half which financially is huge since I am self funded but I am trying to be innovative about new ways to engage folks in the process of music with honesty and integrity. Business in music has always been elusive for me until somehow about a year ago I got shot in the ass with a “figure it out and stop being sad, dummy” feeling. Everyday it’s like I’m going in for a huge test I haven’t studied for but if I don’t show up it’s an automatic fail. So I might as well take a shot, ya know? Anyway today I am feeling like things are gonna work out and I’m finally far enough away from this tour that I can piece together what happened and start something new. Which I always love to do.

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