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I’m in Boulder, Colorado and Im writing very quickly to say hi and let everyone know the tour is going terrific!!!! I have been editing and putting together our tour vlogs on you-tube under MBird so everyone can watch them and just generally vibe with us goin strong!!! The road is making me a little nuts I think but not in a bad way…just in a new way! hahaha! It’s been five weeks and 13 cities so far and I feel like every day kinda blurs into the next but I want to keep up with the radio stations that are playing the new record and with the fans that we are getting in all the cities. So I’m calling everyday and trying to keep putting things out there. The venues have been awesome and very accomodating:))) For what started as just a radio tour has certainly become more than that. It’s an everything tour consisting of live radio performances, talks with newspapers and magazines and of course live venue performances almost every two days. Incorporate that with two people, my moms car, and a song-writers book of music and it’s making me a different person. Kudos to all who have gone before me and to those who are coming. Follow me on twitter @mbirdmusic, youtube and facebook!!! I’ll write more soon the west coast half of the tour has begun!!!!

Love you all


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  1. Cheryl //

    I meet you at the Crowne Plaza in Portland. I loved the signed CD. You are remarkable. Thank you so, I am enjoying your music and songs.

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