As The Year Changes…

Whenever we begin a new year I always go through a transition and an excited review of my year.  This has definitely been one of the most important years of my life.  Thank you to everyone who supported me this year and welcome to those of you I am just meeting.  I have sprinkled these last few years with survival and what I consider to be the beginning of my real life.  The deep waters of transformation have delivered me fresh and healed and I’m ready to meet the world again.  Specifically in ’09  I’ve relocated and I love it. It’s a blast, I’m meeting new people and having a ball.  My first MBird tour was a month ago in Kentucky and I loved it!!!!  I’ve started putting together a live jazz record to release this fall (’10).  I’ve been working with kids in theater, dance, and music while continuing to write music and play jazz clubs.  I’ve finished recording and began the release of my original record “Over The Bones” and will be embarking on a radio tour in the spring of ’10 that will drop me somewhere in Europe by summer.

“Over The Bones”  at has helped to direct me creatively and supply me with seeds to plant all over this country.  I feel I am serving my gypsy nature and supporting my belief in great live music!!!!!  My motto is “All the towns I can play and all the people I can meet along the way bring me half way home to my heart”!!!   All of your comments and enthusiasm about this record have encouraged me to really push this tour and to move my music face to face and up close and personal.  Thanks for all your support and keep writing on our facebook fan page and follow my tweets at mbirdmusic [at] twitter [dot] com.

Happy New Year Everybody


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